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Parking Instructions

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*There is no parking in front of the Santa Fe Train Depot. This parking lot is owned by a popular restaurant and not open to the public. Please do not park here. Follow the instructions above for the Underground Public Parking Garage. Thank you.

Directions From I-25

  • Exit 284 to St. Francis Drive North
  • Continue approximately 3.0 miles north on St. Francis Drive (Route 285/84)
  • Go Past Cerillos & the Train tracks to continue on St. Francis
  • Turn right onto Paseo De Peralta.
  • Approximately 0.2 miles later, turn left onto Camino De La Familia.
  • The turn in for the garage will be on your right

Get to the Train from Garage

  • After stepping out of your car, memorize the level and letter where you’re parked, then go to the elevator near the middle of the garage, not the one in the far corner.
  • Push the *1 button and that will take you to the street level.
  • Walk right across the little street, Market Street, (look both ways, sometimes there’s lots of traffic) to the barrier right before the railroad tracks.  
  • We’ll be lining up and boarding just to the right there- you should see our sandwich board sign. 
  • Boarding will take place just in front of the Flying Star restaurant. ****We DO NOT BOARD on the same side of the track as the Santa Fe Depot. We board across the tracks from the depot.


Things to do in Santa Fe

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